Bátovce village

Bátovce village

Bátovce village is located about 14 km north – east off Levice on the main road to Banská Štiavnica. Bátovce is not a large village in the middle of the country with many natural matters of interest.

Roman- Catholic church of St.Martin -  Gothic renovated, originally Roman building from at latest first half of the 13th century.

Evangelic church from 1873 – national historic landmark of Slovakia.

New  touristic - natural trail around the Town of Queens - Bátovce

Signboards begin on the square, the trail continues through the Lower gate, runs along the dam, onward through the vineyard area and finishes with a fantastic view of the panorama of Bátovce and its surroundings. The trail is easily challenging and it takes about 4 hours to get through.


The trail is marked green and begins on the square of the village, where there is the first signboard. On the route there are overall 6  placed signboards. Reading them you can learn about the history of the village and its significant relics,  about the Lipovina  water dam, Bátovce wine-cellars, fauna, flora and geology of the area. The trail is ideal for a pleasant stroll in each  season. Fire place and a shelter on Borovica can be used for sittings or camping



In the village there is a traditional rustic house. More information provided by Bátovce municipal authority.

Lipovina water dam was constructed in 1968 on the local stream Jabloňovka. It Has an area of 25 hectars and maximum depth is 9,7 m. Nowadays it serves mainly for recreational purposes, water sports and fishing. Swimming is not recommended. Refreshment is provided by local buffets. Pizzeria is situated on the square of Bátovce village.

Horse riding is possible in nearby Jabloňovce.

Coordinates: 48°17′28″S 18°44′42″V

Theatre Pôtoň  was established in the year 2000 and in terms of programme it is seated in the country. Stagings start from terrain researches and are determined by important social themes, such as (Terra Granus – repatriated exchanges between Czechoslovakia and Hungary, Psota (poverty) – poverty in Slovakia,  Country of unmown meadows – national identity of Slovaks). The theatre implements educational projects linking art with other fields (sociology, ethnography, history). The cultural centre also provides an opportunity for workshops for both professionals and laick public, residential creative stays for  both Slovak and foreign authors. Since 2015 the theatre has also been operating a cinema whose programme is mainly focused on contemporary European cinematography. The theatre Pôtoň presents over 150 events in its premises and is visited by approximately 6 000 viewers annually. It is a holder of many awards for artistic work and informal education.


Programme of the thetare and cinema   Pôtoň: http://www.poton.sk/


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