The Monument Šiklóš on Vápnik hill

The Monument Šiklóš on Vápnik hill

This memorial site is located about 4 km from the town Levice (direction to Mýtne Ludany village) on the top of Vápnik, where in the past there was an observation point of Marshal Malinovskij, the commander of the second Ukrainian front, who was conducting military operations from this position in the southern part of  Pohronie from 20 December 1944 till 25 March 1945. There is a concrete monument with an observation tower.

Renovated monument was presented to public on 9 May 2015.

The peak represents the remains of travertine – silt, where apart from travertine also a graceful recrystallised type marked as „Levice golden onyx“ has been mined until recently.Thanks to its beaty it is considered the Europian unicum and it is absolutely one of the most expensive processed stones.

Šiklóš – Vápnik   can be found ( walk  or bike): when you leave Levice for Mýtne Ludany village and on the left ( signboard, which  you can see by the road, leads you that way) turn to the field path. Go through the area of vinecellar cottages and you will get right to the monument.

By car – entering Mýtne Ludany village, turn left to the field path, which joins the asphalt road and leads you straight to the monument.

Coordinates: 48°10′58″S 18°38′36″V

Šiklóš is a place where you can spend a lovely time with your families, friends or during your bike break. Within the project new benches, a signboard, tourist signs as well as a protected fire place have been made and installed.

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